New Equipment to Better Serve You

New Equipment to better serve you 3-D Imaging has Arrived! Instead of messy, gaggy impressions during exam/consultation, we now can 3-D scan your month and produce a 3-D Image of your teeth. Again, your comfort is our #1 Goal!

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Conventional Braces

Metal Braces are traditional braces most often seen in children and teenagers. Metal braces are the most affordable and use a system of brackets and wires to move the teeth over time. Frequently Asked Questions Do I need braces? Only you and your dentist can determine whether braces are right for you. However, chances are […]

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Comfortable Light-Wire Technique

Gone are the days of TIGHTENING braces at each appointment! Through orthodontic research, We have found LIGHT forces will move teeth more efficiently and without discomfort for the patient. At each of your orthodontic appointments during treatment, we use the lightest wire possible to get the job done.

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